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About Me

He-llo and nice to meet U <3

I am Simonka and I hope you are having a good time looking through my website. ^^ I like to draw things for people to make them happy. I hope my drawings can make you happy too! ♥(ˆˆ)

But you´re probably here for some more info about me. (° ᗜ °)

Well, I like cats, have two cats – Catsby & Tetsuya, I also like milktea, cute things and sharing time (and cute things) with my loved ones. <3

My favourite thing to do is drawing or gaming. But I also like watching my cats and doing nothing xD Which is mostly the reason why the drawing process takes so long \ (・ᆺ・) /

If I can give you any tips for relaxing activities it´s drawing, hydroponic gardening and watching the Moon and Clouds in the sky ~(=^‥^)ノ☆

This is
Catsby & Tetsuya

My two cat friends who are making my life a little bit happier every day. <3

Get in touch with me ♥

Want to ask about collaboration, commission or just say hi? Feel free to ask me anything (^ u ^)

I hope my drawings will make a place in your Heart as a memory of something happy and precious. Whenever you look back at it, I hope you can feel the same way as when you saw it for the first time. <3
With Love

Art by s1moonka

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